Haley Cavinder Calls Out Creeps Who Catcalled Her On The Street

Former Miami basketball player Haley Cavinder

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It’s been pretty hard to ignore Hanna and Haley Cavinder—the sisters commonly referred to as “The Cavinder Twins”—thanks to the massive following they managed to rack up while playing basketball together at the University of Miami.

The two of them leveraged a number of NIL deals and did very well for themselves during their time in college, which came to an end earlier this year when the duo announced they were declining to use their final year of athletic eligibility and setting their sights on other ventures (which includes a potential pivot to the WWE).

The Cavinder Twins are certainly no strangers to attention; each of them boasts close to 700,000 followers on Instagram on top of the 250,000 people who’ve subscribed to the account they share.

Unfortunately, they know all too well what it’s like to be subjected to unsolicited comments both online and in real life.

Haley highlighted that reality earlier this week when she hopped on Instagram to record a Story where she called out the men who failed to resist the urge to catcall her on the street, saying:

“I just need to address this because this has happened way too much… I just don’t understand why males think it’s OK to make females feel uncomfortable.

“If you’re going to sit there and catcall and say whatever you think you want to a female—for what? Why do you think you have that authority?

I’m literally so fed up with it. Some of these men have wedding rings on … they’re saluting. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’”

I’ve always been baffled by men who don’t see anything wrong with catcalling.

I can’t find any definitive statistics, but I find it incredibly hard to believe many (if any) relationships can be traced back to the moment a guy won a woman over by throwing a wolf whistle in her direction.

Haley is just one of the countless people out there who’ve had to issue similar PSAs, so while I sadly doubt it will have much of an impact on the general population, this is a solid reminder catcalling is a thing you just want to not do.

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