This Handwritten Lawsuit Against Ronda Rousey Is The Craziest Thing You’ll Read Today

As if Ronda Rousey doesn’t have enough to deal with these days, what with being naked in bodypaint and hosting Saturday Night Live, now she’s got some kook filing handwritten lawsuits against her and the UFC.

Via Bloody Elbow comes the story of a man named G.B. White who apparently has a few issues with Ronda. Actually let me amend that, he has more than a few and they are all balls to the wall crazy.

In a handwritten lawsuit, in which White filed a temporary restraining against Rousey, he brings up the following points…

“Comes now, the plaintiff facing imminent danger and bodily harm from Ronda Rousey who is a fighter for the UFC and I’m whistleblowing a major scandal here in court and fear Ronda Rousey will use her kickboxing skills and judo kick my head into submission to shut my mouth from whistleblowing against Rousey’s fraud, lies, manipulation.”

Oh, but that’s not all, not by a long shot.

White also states in his suit that Rousey is really a man and pretending to be a female in the UFC to boost ratings, that he has evidence to submit to the court of Ronda Rousey in speedos showing her penis at a nudist colony, and that she used her prize winnings from fighting to get a penis enlargement at a Jacksonville clinic.

She also bought steroids from Barry Bonds, had had secret relations with Alex Rodriguez, and made a sex tape with Jon Jones and he is the only one with a copy which he says shows Rousey’s penis.

Oh yeah, he also says that Ronda Rousey’s real father is Ron Jeremy.

Check out the whole thing below in all it’s glorious insanity…


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