Insane Compilation Of The Most Brutal Football Hits Of All-Time Might Just Leave You Concussed, Too

James Harrison, Mohamed Massaquoi

I’ll be the first to admit that most of these hits in this video are without a doubt flag-worthy in today’s NFL and NCAA ranks, but that doesn’t mean watching the sheer force and impact being delivered isn’t both shocking and awesome. Oh, and the fact that the whole thing is set to a Nelly track makes it like 10x better.


I’ve got to be a homer and say Sheldon Brown’s hit on Reggie Bush in 2006 during his first playoff game with the Saints is my all-time favorite. Remember exactly where I was when it happened. Same with when James Harrison almost decapitated poor Mohammed Massaquoi a few years back and really brought this whole helmet-to-helmet debacle to the forefront for the NFL’s PR.

Now, this video was originally titled “Best Tackles In NFL History,” but I just want to go on record saying that while watching these tremendous collisions play-out is astonishing, the majority of these hits definitely aren’t legal tackles. They’re blindside blocks and helmet-to-helmet collisions. But a few of these are simply both great and crucial plays to separate an opponent from the ball.

“Leave it all out on the field,” they say. Yeah, these guys certainly did.

[via Renaud Margy]