Hasbulla Terrorizes Nelk Boy With A Knife, Attempts To Prank Dana White In Latest Nelk Boys Video

Hasbulla at the UFC

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Hasbulla came to the United States to absolutely terrorize one of the Nelk Boys.

On Monday, the Nelks Boys released their latest video featuring the 20-year-old Hasbulla, who looks like a child due to a rare genetic condition.

In the video, Hasbulla could be seen, shooting guns, trying to jump-scare Dana White, and going to Sea World.

Hasbulla apparently took a liking to Nelk Boy Steiny and chased him around with a knife pretending to want to stab him.

Steiny seemed genuinely afraid with the crew took Hasbulla to Bass Pro Shops to show him some knives.

Eventually, Hasbulla got his hands on Steiny and went to work.

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