Herm Edwards Is Sick Of Talking About 1 NFL Team

Former football coach Herm Edwards

Getty Image / Kevin Abele

Herm Edwards has only been back in broadcasting for a few months.

Edwards had been the head football coach at Arizona State until the middle of September when the team suffered an embarrassing home loss to Eastern Michigan.

Despite the short amount time he has been a broadcaster again, it appears Edwards is already getting sick of talking about one NFL team.

Yesterday, Edwards was part of a discussion about ESPN’s NFL power rankings on First Take.

Those power rankings had the Dallas Cowboys as the 6th team on the list and Edwards was not happy about having to talk about them even though they weren’t in the top tier of teams.

Why do we even have the Cowboys in the conversation at six? Why don’t we just go seven? We had to stop at six, we had to talk about the Cowboys. I’m tired of the Cowboys.

You really can’t blame Edwards for this sentiment.

During football season, the coverage of the Dallas Cowboys is constant whether they are good or bad. Their games get heavily analyzed week after week.

All of this attention comes despite there not really being all that much success attached to the franchise in recent years. The Cowboys last won a Super Bowl in 1995. Since then, they’ve made the playoffs in less than half of their last 27 seasons.

They’ve also only won 5 playoff games over those 27 seasons.

They haven’t even made it out of the Divisional Round in that time.

Yet they still get coverage like they’re a perennial contender.

For whatever reason, the Cowboys are one of the league’s most popular teams, so of course they are going to get plenty of coverage, but you would think they’d need to be better than the 6 best team i noted league to get so much attention.