High School Batter Freakishly Catches Pitch At The Plate To Avoid Getting Plunked

During a high school baseball game between Mount Pisgah Christian (Johns Greek, Ga.) and St. Francis (Alpharetta, Ga.), a sophomore shortstop at bat pulled off something rarely – if ever, in recent memory – seen in the sport of baseball.

At the plate, taking a moderately-crowding stance, Jojo Odachowski of Mt. Pisgah performed a flawless bare-handed snag of an errant pitch that was cutting up & in, headed right towards his head.

Talk about great reaction time, and that wasn’t exactly a lob ball coming in at him either. Better yet, you have to love it how Odachowski just tossed the ball to the catcher and squared up to continue the at-bat like nothing happened. The umpire probably had a quick chuckle of bewilderment before he awarded Jojo first base by way of HBP.

According to MaxPreps.com, St. Francis pitcher Matt Davis later took to Twitter to clarify that it was a cureveball that got away from him.

Good thing Jojo Odachowski has great hand-eye coordination (apparently he does this from time to time in practice), or he would’ve showed up to practice the next day looking like this.

Davis and St. Francis did get the last laugh, though, thwarting Odachowski and Mt. Pisgah 2-1 in what was sure to have been an entertaining game to watch.

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