High School Baseball Coach Loses His Mind, Attacks Opposing Player Like A Freight Train

A view of the baseball diamond at the edge of the indfield.


An assistant baseball coach in the state of Florida is going viral for all the wrong reasons this week. The coach was videotaped attacking an opposing player after a recent contest.

Footage of the incident has now found its way to social media, leading many on the internet to post their reactions.

The altercation came following a matchup between Chiefland High School and Hamilton County. Chiefland would lose that outing by a score of 3-1, but the action was far from through when the final out was recorded.

An upset coach on the CHS baseball staff lost his mind after the defeat, and he let his aggression out by attacking the unsuspecting player.

In the clip, you can see man appear from right field as he makes his way all the way across the diamond. He then levels the player at full speed like a freight train racing down the tracks.

Take a look.

The coach knocks the player to the ground before members from both sides break the scuffle up. You can see the full video HERE.

Fans were quick to comment on the disturbing situation online.

One person wrote, “He should never coach school ball again!” Someone else said, “He’s done.”

According to baseball insider Josh Rudd, the 24-year-old Chiefland coach now has charges filed against him for the attack on the player. It will be interesting to see whether the Florida High School Athletic Association follows suit with some sort of punishment.

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