High School Football Player Gets His Eyes Poked By A Scumbag Player With Zero Chill

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Well… Looks like one impressionably teenager watched the ending of the Broncos-Colts game last week. During a “chippy” high school championship game in Minnesota, a senior for Minneapolis North High School intentionally poked the eyes of a ball carrier for Minnesota. It’s a dirty move, but refs completely missed it and no unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty was ever called.

But fortunately, some disciplinary action will be take place, even though the player doing the poking was playing in his last game as a senior. Via the Star Tribune:

Merkle said the MSHSL “will be in touch with North and decide on the best course of action.” He said that even though Cobble is a senior and the season is obviously over, any potential discipline could be applied during the next sport he chooses to play this school year. If Cobble is not playing another sport before graduating, the league would consult with school on options for discipline, Merkle added.

No chill. Hope a dude like that doesn’t get the chance to play sports on any level in college.

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