Hockey Coach Protests Terrible Refs By Pretending to be Blind, Staggering Across Ice

Clark paced around the rink like a blind man tapping his stick on the ice and got tossed from the game. At that point, the Wild (28-7-4 overall) had given up their second goal of the game to the Brown Bears while shorthanded.

The home team was understandably frustrated, but became considerably more upset after the bench received a misconduct immediately after scoring a game-tying goal with 11 minutes in the final period.

“I don't know what he (the referee) could have heard from center ice with 3,500 screaming,” Clark said.

The Wild were shorthanded following the game-tying goal and its penalty kill unit gave up its second goal of the night about two minutes afterward to fall behind 2-1.

At that point, Clark decided he'd had enough.

You’ve got to respect this incredibly complex display. If you’re going to get tossed from a game, it’s important to get your money’s worth – and then some.

The bow tie, too, really adds to the whole thing. It almost makes it high art.

[H/T: Eye on Hockey]