Formula 1 Gets Major Boost With Surprise Return Of Big Name Engine Manufacturer

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Perhaps no sport across the world has grown in popularity as much as Formula 1 has in the last five years.

The glamorous international racing series has gained millions of fans in recent years, thanks in large part to the immense success of its Drive to Survive Netflix series.

And the spike in popularity could not have come a better time.

While the series has 10 teams and 20 cars on the grid for each race, it has just four current engine suppliers: Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine (Renault) and Red Bull (who we’ll circle back to later).

That’s because it can be extremely difficult, and in turn cost-prohibitive, to build the current V6 turbo hybrid engines required under the sports current regulations.

Previously, big names such at BMW, Ford and Honda all participated. But all three have since pulled out. The latter provided engines for reigning champions Red Bull Racing up until 2021 before leaving the sport. Red Bull then took over its own engine development based on Honda’s previous work.

The sport got a big boost when Audi announced its intention to join the grid in 2026 when new regulations begin. And now it appears yet another major engine supplier will (re) enter the fray.

Honda announced Wednesday that it will re-enter the sport in 2026 and pair with the Aston Martin race team.

Aston Martin currently purchases its engines from Mercedes and sits second in the team championship in 2023.

The two automotive powerhouses will form a strategic partnership where Honda is responsible for engine development and Aston Martin builds the car chassis and runs day-to-day operations.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who oversees the sport’s governing body, was pleased with the announcement.

“The continued interest from global automotive giants such Honda shows once again that the 2026 Power Unit Regulations set out by the FIA in collaboration with FOM and the incumbent PU manufacturers struck precisely the right balance to ensure the FIA Formula One World Championship remains at the forefront of technological innovation, sustainability and competition,” he said. “As we announced earlier in the year, no fewer than six of these industry leaders have registered their participation for the 2026-2030 regulations cycle – Alpine, Audi, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Red Bull Ford – and I am very pleased that Honda has committed to return to the grid with the Aston Martin team.”

Formula 1 is only continuing to grow in popularity. And it appears the world’s leading car manufacturers have taken note.