Hornets’ PJ Washington Appears To Call Out Brittany Renner For ‘Faking’ Relationship Months After She Gave Birth To Their Child

  • Hornets PJ Washington and IG model Brittany Renner appear to have broken up months after birth of their child
  • Washington appears to call out Renner for “faking” relationship in a now-deleted Twitter post
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Hornets PJ Washington and famous Instagram model Brittany Renner appear to have broken up and Washington apparently feels like he got duped.

Just a few months ago Renner and Washington announced they were having a baby on Instagram.

Fast forward a few months later, and both Renner and Washington have scrubbed each other off their social media accounts while taking subliminal shots at each in their IG stories.

On Monday in a now-deleted tweet, Washington appeared to call out Renner for “faking” their relationship months after she gave birth to their child.

NBA fans offered their condolences towards Washington now that he’s likely going to be forced to pay up child support payments in the near future.

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