This Hot Miami Heat Fan Is Now 10 Times More Popular Than The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat courageously defeated the Indiana Pacers last night in a fierce battle of basketball throwing by a final score of 101-93, but there is no way on earth more than 11 people actually care about that nugget of news.

You know what people do care about? This Heat fan, who went nuts in her now infamous black dress after Goran Dragic put Miami up by five late in the fourth quarter.

Naturally, she has since been hunted down and her Instagram account is now available for everyone to skim through. But here’s a sample size for your perusal.

For starters, there’s this interesting exercise video with an inflatable friend.

A video of some scissor kicks. Gotta keep ’em movin’.

The dress from the very game that made her famous!

Gotta be honest, kinda looks like a doll in this one.

There’s also this.

And this.

Oh, and this.

Final Score: This Chick 1, Miami Heat 0.


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