Houston Cougars Football Coach Tom Herman Got The Grill He Promised His Team And He Actually Pulls It Off


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A couple of weeks ago I told you how Houston Cougars football coach Tom Herman made a promise to his players about getting a grill had the team won the AAC title for the first-year head coach. Turns out, the Cougs accomplished the feat, so Herms was left shopping for some jewelry to add to his teeth.

After getting some advice from former/current rapper Paul Wall, Herman finally got his new grill and, holy shit, dude just got serious street cred because he can actually pull it off.

With the letters “UH” in red jewels on the top two front teeth and the bottom pair having his initials, Tom Herman just became the freshest college football coach in the country—so I wonder how this might positively impact his recruiting efforts?

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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