The Houston Texans Are Reportedly Not Interested In Baker Mayfield As Browns Meet With Deshaun Watson For Potential Trade

Baker Mayfield

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  • The Cleveland Browns planned a meeting to speak with Deshaun Watson about a potential trade on Tuesday.
  • The Texans are reportedly not interested in making Baker Mayfield their QB in a potential trade with the Browns for Watson.
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The Cleveland Browns are apparently thinking about trading for Deshaun Watson, but the Texans are reportedly not thrilled about getting Baker Mayfield in return.

On Tuesday afternoon, Browns execs flew out to meet Watson in person to gauge his interest in playing in Cleveland next season.

Via Pro Football Talk

The Cleveland Browns have sufficient interest in Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to take a meeting with him. Per multiple reports, the Browns will sit down with Watson on Tuesday in Houston

Some folks with the Browns could be in line for some tough questions, too. Mayfield is the current starter, under contract through 2022 and recovering from surgery to his non-throwing shoulder. He has a fully-guaranteed salary of $18.8 million for 2022. If the Browns will be absorbing Watson’s $35 million salary, they presumably would want to unload Mayfield’s salar

According to NFL reporter Sheena Quick, the Texans will likely retrade Mayfield, or he could be packaged in a three-team trade if Watson agrees to get traded to the Browns.

It’s kind of sad that Baker Mayfield is almost an afterthought at QB at this point.