NFL Teams Paid Injured Players $434 Million Last Season, Here’s How Much Each Team Spent

How Much Each NFL Team Spent On Injured Players In 2021

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  • NFL teams paid over $400 million to injured players during the 2021-21 season.
  • Here’s a breakdown of what each team in the NFL spent on injured players a season ago.
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Every NFL team has to deal with injuries week in and week out, but some teams are far luckier than others when it comes to player health throughout the season.

Injuries are very simply just a part of football, and even though teams fully understand that it doesn’t make it easier on them, especially given the fact that players are still due their salaries in the NFL.

According to Bookmakers, NFL teams spent a total of $434 million in base salary payments for injured players, averaging $13.56 million per team.

That $434 million number and breakdown of each team’s spending was done by taking players’ base annual salaries, divided by the number of games in a season, and multiplied by the number of games they missed.

The New York Jets led the league in total games missed through injury and total cost of injured players during the 2021-22 season.

Total Injury Costs During The 2021-2022 Season

  1. New York Jets $28.7 million
  2. Washington Commanders $20.5 million
  3. Cleveland Browns $20.2 million
  4. Detroit Lions $20.1 million
  5. Tennessee Titans $19.4 million
  6. New York Giants $19.1 million
  7. Denver Broncos $18.3 million
  8. Chicago Bears $18.3 million
  9. Dallas Cowboys $18.1 million
  10. Baltimore Ravens $16.8 million
  11. New England Patriots $15.3 million
  12. San Francisco 49ers $15 million
  13. Arizona Cardinals $13.9 million
  14. Los Angeles Chargers $13.9 million
  15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $13.8 million
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars $13.1 million
  17. Houston Texans $12.7 million
  18. Las Vegas Raiders $12.7 million
  19. Minnesota Vikings $11.8 million
  20. Seattle Seahawks $11.5 million
  21. Miami Dolphins $11.3 million
  22. Indianapolis Colts $11 million
  23. New Orleans Saints $10.2 million
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers $9.1 million
  25. Green Bay Packers $9 million
  26. Cincinnati Bengals $9 million
  27. Kansas City Chiefs $8.5 million
  28. Atlanta Falcons $8.1 million
  29. Carolina Panthers $7.9 million
  30. Los Angeles Rams $6.7 million
  31. Philadelphia Eagles $5 million
  32. Buffalo Bills $4.9 million

When it comes to the injured player who cost his team more than any other, that honor belongs to Dallas’ DeMarcus Lawrence, who cost the Cowboys $9.44 million.

As far as big takeaways go for the list of all 32 teams, the Titans taking the top seed in the AFC dealing with so many injuries certainly sticks out. So too does the fact that the Rams were very fortunate on the injury front en route to the Super Bowl.

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