How’s Your Puppy Bowl Fantasy Team Looking?

This year's fuzzy romp promises to be absolutely ridiculous as Animal Planet is breaking the bank on production.

Keyboard Cat, or a reincarnation of the original Keyboard Cat who died many years ago, will provide the best music a cat can provide before getting all sorts of pussy at the afterparty.

Adorable penguins will serve as cheerleaders.

And, most importantly, you'll be able to field a fantasy team. A FANTASY FOOTBALL PUPPY BOWL TEAM. This is truly becoming the realization of your grandparents' nightmare scenario for the world. 

Fantasy Puppy League: Later this month at, the network will launch a fantasy draft, where fans can see profiles of 11 of the 66 players and create their team of competitors before the big game. On game day, you can keep track of how your players perform via stats on the screen (so in theory you could place a wager on Cici the German Shepard mix rather than, say, the Patriots).

Stay tuned for details for the BroBible league, which I'm confident is feverishly being planned by one David Covucci. 

[H/T: Entertainment Weekly]