Hugh Hefner Supposedly Went To Great Lengths To Get Revenge On LACC After They Wouldn’t Let Him Join

Hugh Hefner

Getty Image / Dan Tuffs

The US Open kicks off at the Los Angeles Country Club on Thursday and it’s an event that most golf fans are excited for.

Mainly because the LACC is one of the most prestigious clubs to join. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult to become a member of the club in general.

With the US Open in town, a rumor is spreading about a feud that may have existed between former Playboy owner Hugh Hefner and the LACC.

Apparently, he tried to join the prestigious club back in the day, but they wouldn’t let him in. So in response, he built a zoo on his property that is right next holes 13 and 14 at the country club.

As a result, anyone who plays at the LACC will hear monkeys and peacocks while they’re at the tea box at hole 14. Here’s a quick video explaining it all from SI Golf.

Hey, when you’re rich and live right next to the country club that won’t let you join, why not make the bizarre decision to build an actual zoo right next to the golf course?

Now, it’s important to note that the feud between Hugh Hefner and the LACC is simply a rumor. There is a strong possibility that Hefner simply built a zoo there for the heck of it.

Regardless, it’s pretty cool that the zoo is still there long after Hefner’s death back in 2017. Billionaire Daren Metropoulos took over the reigns of Playboy and he clearly thought keeping the zoo made sense.

It also just adds on to the mystic element of the Playboy Mansion.

Either way, if you tune into the US Open over the weekend, try listen for the monkeys on hole 14.