Brazilian Soccer Star ‘Hulk’ Expecting Child With Ex-Wife’s Niece, Further Complicating Family Tree

Hulk Brazil Soccer Child Ex-Wife Niece

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  • One of Brazil’s top soccer players is expecting a child.
  • However, his fourth child will also be his first three children’s cousin.
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Brazil striker Hulk announced that he and his wife are pregnant with his fourth child. The 35-year-old confirmed that the couple is expecting in an Instagram post.

“Today with a heart full of gratitude to God, I come to share with you that for the fourth time I am being blessed with another child,” he said.

The child, however, comes under unusual circumstances.

Hulk started dating Camila Angelo in late 2019. Angelo, 32, is the niece of his ex-wife Iran Angelo.

No, seriously.

At one point, Camila was Hulk’s niece-in-law. She is also the aunt to Hulk’s two sons and daughter, who Hulk had with Iran during their marriage.

Hulk had just ended his relationship with Camila’s niece a few months prior to dating her sister’s daughter. He broke the news to his family and kids in December of 2019.

And then in March of 2020, while Hulk was playing for Chinese side Shanghai SIPG, the two married. They had to wait until Hulk’s divorce with Iran was final.

A spokesman for Hulk reportedly commented at the time:

“Hulk called the parents and the brother of Camila and told them the truth. It was Hulk himself who made the information public because he had nothing to hide. His position is transparency and he wants to avoid lies and malicious comments.”

Iran has since spoken out on the “great pain” that her ex-husband’s relationship has caused her. Hulk reportedly responded:

“I never had a relationship with Camila when I was married. I am a man. I was not happy in my marriage.”

“I had countless reasons. I spent my entire marriage betraying Iran. She lived a single life. She just wanted to have the status of wife of the Hulk.”

“Camila came to China. I don’t think I’m an ugly person and I’m young. Camila is young and extremely beautiful. We ended up getting involved. We were single.”

Regardless of the circumstance, a child is on the way.

Because Hulk is having the child with his ex-wife’s niece, the relationship is certainly unique. Hulk and Camila’s child will not only be the niece or nephew of Iran, but it will be half-siblings with Hulk and Iran’s children, and also their (half?) cousin.