Legendary High School Football ‘DOG’ Interview Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall


The DOG days of summer are upon us and football fans are anxiously waiting for the quarterback to lineup in the backfield and take the opening snap of 2022. With the college football and NFL seasons still more than a month away, the focus shifts to high school.

Before their NCAA and professional counterparts put their hands in the ground, the high school football season will kickoff first in various states across the U.S. and practices are in full swing. Many programs are likely getting in their two-a-day workouts before putting on the pads over the course of the next few weeks.

Football season is in the air, literally. Take this video from Utah for example.

As we gear up for football season, any little taste of the sport gets us excited. And around this time last year, one high school player had us all ready to run through a wall. His dog-filled interview correlates perfectly to the current ‘Dog In Him’ craze so it’s about time that we relive the legendary moment.

Bishop Luers High School is home to 11 Indiana State Football Championships and takes its pigskin very seriously.

Last year, prior to the season, senior Nelson Knapke was asked about what he thought of his team. What transpired was one of the greatest interviews of all-time.

Knapke proceeded to list every running back on the team, hyping them each up and calling them DOGS! His delivery, his enthusiasm and his passion will have you ready to put on a helmet and run out of the tunnel.

When asked what he wanted people to know about him, Knapke told CBS’ WANE 15: “I went to a middle school that had a graduation class of eight people, you know, just a small-town kid. Oh, I like going to Cracker Barrel, you know, there’s not much to me.”

Knapke is no longer on the team, having graduated last spring, but his legend lives on forever and he is going to make an incredible coach one day if he chooses to do so. It’s DOG season.