Indiana University Pulls Off Unlikely Triple Play But It’s More Like Their Opponent Just Did Three Really Dumb Things In A Row

Indiana University got out of a first inning jam in the opening round of the NCAA Regionals last week with a solidly executed triple play.

Let’s watch the play and then break down the stupidity.


First off, bottom of the first, no outs, and the number three hitter is up there trying to work a walk. Ugh. In his defense, the pitch might have been a little outside but still close enough to take a hack at. The runner taking off for second, well, he’s a sitting duck but he’s got to make it his job to get there and not count on the pitch being ball four. Those two offenses are forgivable.

Now, onto the baserunner at third. On a 3-2 pitch, there’s no way his coach said “take off on a throw down to second” because why risk anything with the first two batters of the inning on base and the four and five hitters due up? And I’m sure as hell sure his third base coach didn’t send him after he watched the batter go down looking and the base runner get tossed out at second. If he did, fire him immediately.

So the runner on third either a) took it upon himself to try and take home way too late or b) stood between third and home with his mouth open and his hands on his dick after watching a double play unfold a couple feet away.

Indiana won the game 7-1.

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