L.A. High School Apologizes For Lack Of Sportsmanship After Winning Football Score That Is Hard To Believe

Inglewood High School Football Morningside 106-0 Apology Lack Of Sportsmanship


  • A Los Angeles area high school has apologized for its beatdown on the gridiron last Friday.
  • The school, led by a UCLA commit at quarterback, beat its intracity rival by a score that is truly unfathomable.
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Inglewood High School principal Debbie Tate issued a written apology on behalf of herself and head football coach Mil’Von James after her school beat the breaks off of Morningside last Friday. The intracity rivalry resulted in the Sentinels beating the Monarchs by an astonishing score of 106-0.

It was 86-0 at the end of the first half.

Here is Tate’s apology:

Morningside coach Brian Collins had called his opponent’s actions “classless” after Inglewood refused to allow a running clock at the end of the first quarter.

In the truly dominant win, Sentinels quarterback Justyn Martin set a California state record with 13 (!!) touchdown through the air. He came passing two touchdowns short of Arthur Smith, who threw 15 in a game for a school in Nebraska 100 years ago in 1921.

Martin, who stands 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, is a four-star recruit and committed to UCLA earlier this year. After the win, he humbly attributed the success to everybody but himself.

There is no denying that Monarchs were outmatched. But it also didn’t help that everything that Martin and Inglewood touched turned to gold.

And Martin was dealing.

Prior to losing by more than 100, Morningside had gone 2-7. Although it had suffered four shutouts before, the largest deficit was previously 67-0.

Inglewood added 39 points to that total. Ouch.

With that total, 106 points is about 15 touchdowns in 48 minutes. That comes out to an average of about one touchdown per every 3.2 minutes.

After the game, Morningside’s Dayvon Scruggs told ABC7 that he believed the attention to be blown out of proportion.

“The media is making it more terrible than it has to be,” Scruggs said. “A game is a game. We lost. There’s nothing there.”

However, the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section condemned the in-game conduct of Inglewood.

Here are some more highlights from Martin, because he is a joy to watch: