This Insane 5-On-5 MMA Fight Is Pure And Unadulterated Madness

What if they made huge street fights legal and turned it into an actual sanctioned league with referees and everything? Well they do, it’s called the Team Fighting Championship and it looks tremendous.

Team Fighting Championship is a battle royale between two teams of five-members who throw down in a huge 40-foot-by-40-foot ring. There are five referees who somehow oversee the insane action.

And yes, the fighters are allowed to gang up on each other. Talk about depending on your teammates. If you have a weak link and they get obliterated quickly, then all of the sudden you’re attempting to battle two or three fighters at the same time.

This deathmatch of pure pandemonium featured brawlers from St. Petersburg, Russia taking on fighters from Gdynia, Poland.

Why can’t we have this here?

The furious action begins at the 4:15 mark.