Kyle Kuzma Was Struggling To Defend Himself On Instagram After Wearing Bizarre Pregame Outfit

Kyle Kuzma Instagram Roasted NBA players comments giant pink sweater pregame outfit

NBC Sports Washington

  • Kyle Kuzma wore one of the worst pregame outfits of all-time on Monday night.
  • He proceeded to get roasted in his instagram comments and was struggling to defend himself.
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When it comes to fashion, NBA players are usually on the cutting edge. Kyle Kuzma, however, took it too far on Monday night.

As the 26-year-old arrived for the Wizards’ home game against the Hornets, he was shown wearing a massive sweater. Kuzma strolled into Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. wearing a significantly oversized pink turtleneck.

It was not the move.

Kuzma is 6-foot-10, so he needs a little extra length in his sleeves and on his torso. And the temperature on Monday night was in the low 40s and was set to dip into the 30s by the time he left the arena.

Neither of those things excuse the atrocity he wore on his way into the locker room, but he sure tried to make his case anyway. After posting the photo on his Instagram profile, the entire internet proceeded to roast him— including some of his friends, former teammates, and other NBAers.

Although there was a (very) small subset of people who were applauding Kuzma for his outfit, the response was overwhelmingly native. The roast extended far beyond the NBA world.

If the outfit was not bad enough, Kuzma did not play very well. He scored only 11 points on less than 50% shooting (5-of-12) in a six-point loss to Charlotte.

And to make matters worse, he had to walk back into the locker room, look at his phone blowing up for all of the wrong reasons, put his giant sweater back on, and walk out into the freezing temperatures.