NFL Fans Want To Change Careers After Seeing What Low-Level Athletic Trainers Get Paid In The NFL

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  • A low-level NFL trainer, also known as a waterboy in certain circles, is a fairly lucrative position and comes with quite a few perks.
  • After seeing how much a low-level athletic trainer can make, NFL fans are considering a career change.
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An NFL athletic trainer tasked with hydration, also known as a waterboy, has one, very specific job. He or she is tasked singularly with keeping some of the best athletes in the world hydrated.

The day-to-day is very simple, but very important. A waterboy must be sure that there is water and other liquids (gatorade, etc.) available at every single moment. Whether it’s in the team facilities, on the sideline at practice, or in the huddle during a timeout, he or she must be ready.

Now let me be very clear, an athletic trainer’s role goes far beyond just water and towels— and to reach the highest ranks within athletics, it requires significant education and lots of qualifications. The top trainers can make more than six figures. However, there are different roles within an athletic training staff and a waterboy is one of them.

Although the job may seem fairly easy, it is a crucial role in each NFL organization. Waterboys have existed in athletics as far back as 1869 and there is no sign that their role will be dissolved anytime soon.

Athletes are always going to need water. Plain and simple.

While many NFL fans might take on this role gratuitously, being a waterboy in the National Football League comes with a comfortable salary that might come as a surprise to many and additional perks.

According to, the average salary for an NFL waterboy sits at $53,000. They are also provided with the opportunity to travel with the team and receive team gear.

Again, athletic trainers with more experience and qualifications can earn substantially more than $53,000. This is specifically about the low-level trainers who are tasked with the water duties.

More importantly, being a full-time employee in the NFL typically provides the following benefits:

  • Health:
    • The NFL covers medical charges, processes the insurance, and covers accident bills and dental. They also provide mental health benefits.
  • Paid leave:
    • A full-time employee gets 16 weeks of paid parental leave and two weeks of paid leave for family health issues.
  • Vacation:
    • Full-time employees with the NFL gets 12 days of paid holidays per year.
  • Wellness:
    • In addition to health benefits, full-time workers with the NFL get the offer for a team to pay for 50% of gym memberships.

To become a waterboy in the NFL, job opportunities are usually advertised on the NFL website. If you have experience in high school and/or college, it will help an applicant stand out.

After seeing how much NFL waterboys can make, NFL fans are immediately considering a career change: