Viewers Stunned When Isiah Thomas Hangs Up On ESPN Interview Because Of Photo They Used Of Him

isiah thomas hangs up espn radio interview

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Hall of Fame basketball player Isiah Thomas has beef with a lot of things. Most of them have something to do with Michael Jordan.

On Tuesday, however, Isiah Thomas shocked viewers when he hung up on a interview on ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Max show because of the photo they used of him.

Yes, that is a radio show, but it is also simulcast on ESPN2/ESPNU so there are graphics that get used, such as photos of the show’s guests.

“I’m looking at my picture. Come on, Keyshawn, y’all doing that to me?” Thomas asked when he saw the photo. “I saw Max Kellerman’s picture up there. I saw your picture up there. Y’all are smiling. Y’all just had my man up there, you know, doing the football. He was smiling.

“This is the picture y’all put up there of me?! What are y’all doing at ESPN to me? Come on, man. That ain’t right. You know that ain’t right,” Isiah Thomas continued.

“C’mon, man, what’s wrong with y’all? Why y’all do this to me? This is just messed up. As a matter of fact, y’all should just take that down.”

While Keyshawn Johnson and Max Kellerman tried to make light of it, Thomas hung up on them after claiming it was a race issue.

Isiah did call back just moments later and after the producers changed the photo, but the entire bizarre scene led to Kellerman and Johnson trying to figure out exactly what happened after completing their interview with Thomas.

Meanwhile, viewers and fans of the show were more than happy express their opinions about Isiah Thomas’ gripe over the photo.

“Mister softee. No wonder Jordan hates his guts,” another person tweeted.

“This is 9th tier petty,” someone else tweeted.

“MJ might be a world-class a**hole but at least he’s not a world class softy. My goodness,” another Twitter user chirped.

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