Italian Cyclist Vicenzo Nibali Was Denied a Kiss in Brutal Fashion

Sunday was a real mixed bag for Italian cyclist Vicenzo Nibali. On one hand, he bested all the other riders to win Stage 2 of the Tour de France and got to wear a cool yellow jersey. On the other, this happened.

The biking enthusiast was flanked by two attractive women on the podium. He exchanged pleasant pecks with one of them before turning to the other and having his entire world torn down by a brutal denial.

It was a funny moment, but let’s not lose sight of what’s really important here: this woman is a jerk. Nibali wasn’t going in for some tongue-on-tongue action. He was going in for a European double cheek peck.

You have to wonder about her. I am pretty sure bank tellers kiss French people on the lips before telling them their balance and bakers insist on tonguing down their customers before they can buy a morning loaf of bread. Sure, Nibali probably smelled a little sour after the demanding ride, but that’s no reason to humiliate him.

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