Ja Morant Rookie Card Value Soars Thanks To ‘The Blind Side’ Easter Egg

Ja Morant

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2023 has been a banner year for scandals linked to the city of Memphis; Ja Morant couldn’t stay out of his own way over the course of a season where the Grizzlies star was plagued by controversy, while the folks who inspired The Blind Side are currently embroiled in a legal battle thanks to allegations that were recently floated by former NFL lineman Michael Oher.

Now, it turns out those two sagas have a somewhat unexpected link.

Leigh Anne Tuohy (who was portrayed by Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side) is a Memphis native who doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation in the city she and her husband Sean call home based on some less-than-flattering anecdotes that have surfaced in the wake of Oher going public with his possibly unfounded accusations.

Based on those stories, it seems like the Tuohys spend plenty of time out own in the town, which includes an outing to a Grizzlies game that was immortalized in a Ja Morant basketball card that’s seen a spike in value thanks to the fairly unexpected easter egg that was recently discovered.

According to Action Network, a mint-condition rookie card that was released by Panini in 2019 was selling for around $100 earlier this month but has seen that number soar to more than $300 after some eagle-eyed collectors noticed Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy can be seen sitting behind Morant in the photo that was snapped.

Interestingly enough, they weren’t the only notable names posted up under the basket, as deceased Memphis rapper Young Dolph, his cousin Key Glock, and Three 6 Mafia affiliate Crunchy Black were in attendance.

As the outlet notes, this isn’t the first time a minor detail like that has caused a basketball card to increase in value, as there’s a fair amount of controversy surrounding a Mark Jackson card from the early 1990s that boasts a picture of the Menendez Brothers sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden in the midst of the spending spree they embarked on after murdering their parents.

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