Ja Morant Reportedly Believes NBA & Media Are Out To Get Him After Suspension News

Ja Morant

Getty Image / Justin Ford

The news just doesn’t seem to stop pouring in for Ja Morant, as he’s dealt with some off-court issues lately.

After brandishing a gun twice on Instagram Live, the NBA finally decided enough was enough, as Adam Silver gave the Memphis Grizzlies star a 25-game suspension.

You’d think Ja Morant would lay low for a while and stay out of the news cycle. Instead, he and his camp are doing the exact opposite.

According to NBA Central, Morant’s camp “reportedly feels like the NBA and the media are out to get them.” Here is what ESPN’s Tim MacMahon had to say about this news drop.

It’s hard to fathom how Morant and his camp have come to this conclusion. I mean, the Grizzlies’ star flashed a gun not once, but twice on social media.

Although, there is technically nothing illegal about what he’s done, it still violates the NBA’s rules.

Additionally, every incident that has been reported on Morant’s shoulders. Shams Charania took the time to name four different incidences Ja Morant has been involved in while visiting The Pat McAfee Show.

Someone has to make it clear to Ja Morant that the league and media are not out to get him, as reporters are simply sharing the news of what has allegedly happened.

Due to these reported claims, NBA fans are completely floored. They can’t understand how Morant and his camp could have this thought process.

Boom. Roasted!

Make it make sense.

It’s not a great look for Ja Morant or his camp.

With that said, maybe the Grizzlies star will take to social media and address this recent report.

We’ll see how it goes, but regardless, this is not a great look for Ja Morant.