Ja Morant’s Dad Wears ‘Proud Supportive Black Dad’ After Receiving Criticism Over Newfound Fame


  • Tee Morant has been receiving criticism for getting too much TV time during the playoffs.
  • On Tuesday, Tee fired back at the critics by wearing a “proud supportive black dad” shirt.
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Ja Morant’s dad Tee Morant has become somewhat of a celebrity during the playoffs, but he’s starting to receive backlash on the Internet over his newfound fame.

On Sunday, Tee was seen hugging Steph Curry after his son Ja missed a potential game-winning layup in the Grizzlies loss.

Some fans immediately criticized the elder Morant for putting himself in the spotlight.

Before game 2 of the Grizzlies-Warriors game, Tee sat next to Dell Curry while wearing a “proud supportive black dad” shirt to fire back at the critics.

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