Jackson Mahomes Arrested Over Alleged Battery Charge

Patrick and Jackson Mahomes

Getty Image / Jay Biggerstaff

It’s been a while since Jackson Mahomes was in the news cycle, but he’s back at it again after the latest update regarding his alleged incident.

Patrick Mahomes‘ brother was involved in an incident back in February after he allegedly forced himself upon the owner of a restaurant in Overland Park.

Now, it appears Mahomes is officially being arrested over the alleged battery charge, per uStadium.

Dov Kleiman provides more details.

Since the alleged incident, Jackson Mahomes has been rather silent on social media. He did post a little bit during the NFL Draft. However, none of it was viral-worthy.

He’s been the center of much controversy for his dance videos and continues to be a controversial figure after the news of his arrest.

At the end of the day, this arrest is a terrible look for Jackson Mahomes. It’s also a bit of a stain on the Mahomes family in general.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but it’s hard to believe Mahomes wins this case due to the clear video of the alleged incident from February.

Regardless, football fans can’t help but celebrate the news of Jackson Mahomes’ arrest. In fact, it appears many are celebrating it.

Solid joke.

Never let this meme die.

Keep an eye on this situation as more updates will surely follow in the coming months.

Mahomes will likely have some court hearings, as he will go through the normal legal process for a battery charge such as this.