Jackson Mahomes Gets Heckled While Leaving Jail Following Arrest

Jackson Mahomes

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Jackson Mahomes is beginning to face the music after being accused of misconduct.

On Wednesday, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was arrested on three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of battery after a female bar owner accused him of forcibly groping her and kissing her while intoxicated.

Via USA Today

“Vaughn alleges Mahomes grabbed her by her throat and kissed her at least twice in her basement office at the restaurant. She said Mahomes’ advances were unwelcome and shocking. She believes Mahomes was intoxicated. She provided video of the incident to the Star and local police. She also provided a photograph showing a bruise on her neck after the interaction.”

A video of the incident was later leaked, and it appears back up the woman’s claims.


After being released on a $100,000 bond, Jackson was hounded down by reporters and fans.

While walking towards his car, someone could be heard yelling, “if you were a real black dude they would have arrested you a long time ago.”

A stoic Mahomes didn’t respond and immediately got into his car.

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