Jackson Mahomes Announces That He’s Moving To Los Angeles And L.A. Natives Are Not Happy About It

Kansas City Bar Issues Apology For Putting Jackson Mahomes In A Body Bag

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  • Jackson Mahomes announced that he was leaving Kansas City and is moving to LA this summer.
  • LA natives were not happy with Jackson’s announcement.
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Jackson Mahomes is no longer Kansas City’s problem.

Earlier this week, Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, who has repeatedly made the news for all the wrong reasons in the past year, announced that he is leaving Kansas City and is moving to Los Angeles this summer.

LA natives were not happy about Jackson’s announcement, considering how unpopular Patrick’s bro is at the moment.

While people in LA reacted negatively to Jackson’s move, Chiefs fans love it.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jackson attends Chiefs’ games next season after relocating to LA.

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