Jake Paul Reveals Monster PPV Numbers, Logan Talks About Getting Revenge On Tommy Fury

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury PPV boxing match

Getty Image / Francois Nel

Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury in the biggest fight of his Boxing career but he wasn’t too beat up about it.

After the fight, Jake Paul revealed that he’d earned $30 million for the Tommy Fury fight while Tommy only earned $4 million.

From a business perspective, this fight was a massive success for Jake Paul’s career. He claims it is likely going to be the most-watched PPV fight of the year.

Speaking with his brother Logan Paul after the fight, Jake also revealed what are believed to be close-to-accurate PPV numbers.

How Big Were The Jake Paul-Tommy Fury PVV Numbers?

Jake Paul tells his older brother Logan that over 500,000 people spent $50 for the PPV. That would bring the PPV earnings for the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight to $25,000,000 at the bare minimum.

After that, the discussion turned to revenge. Jake is now stewing on the first loss of his career. But his brother Logan Paul is eager for revenge and ready to fight Tommy Fury himself:

Logan tells his brother “If you don’t (have a rematch), I’d like to handle that.” Adding “that was like, my first instinct, obviously.”

It is intriguing to see these two brothers so invested in each other’s success. They seem to take each other’s losses harder than the person who actually did the losing.

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