Jake Paul Suggests A UFC-PFL Super Event That Has Fight Fans Buzzing

Jake Paul

Getty Image / Zac Goodwin - PA Images

Francis Ngannou’s contract with the PFL led to a back and forth on Twitter with UFC star Jon Jones.

It’s a bout that fight fans are likely never going to see. Which is a bummer, as they’re two of the best heavyweights in the world in MMA.

But, with troubling times comes an unlikely hero. Jake Paul got the combat sports world buzzing after making a suggestion for the UFC and PFL.

He suggests putting some of the best fighters the PFL has to offer up against the UFC’s best. He even includes himself against Nate Diaz to as the opening bout on the card.

Let’s recap this suggested fight card. It opens with Jake Pauls Vs. Nate Diaz in the cage. Then, the UFC’s welterweight champion Leon Edwards takes on PFL’s rising star in Cedric Doumbe.

That’s followed up with a co-main event consisting of future Hall of Famer Amanda Nunes and fan favorite Kayla Harrison. Then the night closes with a heavyweight clash between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

Look, the idea is insane. Let’s face it. It’s hard to imagine Dana White even agreeing to this concept. But if it happened, it would be one of, if not, the most watched MMA event of all time.

Is it missing some names? Yes. If we’re going to do a UFC-PFL cross over event, why not get Conor McGregor involved with Nate Diaz instead of Jake Paul?

Of course, all of this is just hypothetical. Fight fans love to dream, but they also realize what’s realistic and what’s fiction.

At least Kayla Harrison is down.

Some people are all-in on this idea.

Dana White probably won’t even give this idea the light of day.

The real reason why Jake Paul’s idea won’t work is because it would greatly help the PFL, a competitor of the UFC. That’s probably not smart business for the UFC.

Hey, some of us can dream, right? Maybe one day some of these fights will come to fruition.

But for now, I wouldn’t put any eggs into that basket.