Body Cam Footage Of Jalen Carter’s Involvement In Fatal Car Crash Finally Revealed

Jalen Carter

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

It’s been a bumpy offseason for NFL Draft prospect Jalen Carter.

It all started when reports came to light about his involvement in the January crash that took the life of a Georgia teammate and staffer.

Since then, things haven’t gotten any better. Especially after he showed up to his pro day well overweight and out of shape.

His future in the league is up in the air at this moment. With that said, body cam footage of Jalen Carter regarding the January crash has finally been revealed.

It’s nearly 11 minutes long. However, it shows a police officer conversing with Carter about his involvement in the deadly crash. Here is the full video.

The former Georgia Bulldog does not seem intoxicated in any way. Additionally, he didn’t leave the scene until he got permission, as his lawyer claimed.

Jalen Carter’s lawyer stated several weeks ago that “all charges have been resolved,” per Mike Garafolo.

Even so, it’s hard to know what his future holds in the NFL.

Here is the official statement that was released back in mid-March.

The latest rumor regarding Jalen Carter is that the Las Vegas Raiders have taken him off of their draft board. It is currently unknown if any other teams have followed suit.

In all, the body cam footage revealed some clarity in Carter’s actual involvement in January’s fatal crash. We’ll see if this helps or hurts his case in late April.

Look for more rumors to potentially come to surface between now and the NFL Draft.