Listen To Jalen Hurts’ Inspirational Message After Eagles’ Super Bowl Loss

Jalen Hurts

Getty Image / Mike Coppola

It turned out to be a brutal loss for the Philadelphia Eagles. They fell just short of winning the Super Bowl and will have to try again next season.

Jalen Hurts proved to be a superstar quarterback and quieted down many of his critics. Now, he continues to showcase leadership after the tough loss.

During his post-game press conference with the media, an emotional Hurts shared an inspirational message in the heat of defeat. Give it a listen below.

Not a lot of people would be able to have the wherewithal to make a statement like that after such a draining loss. But Jalen Hurts isn’t like other people.

The Eagles are in good hands with Hurts leading the way. They’re going to be a problem in the NFC for a while, as many of the players on the roster are young and entering their prime.

Additionally, the Eagles will be able to remain intact, as many of the players are under contract for at least two more seasons. That definitely bodes well for Jalen Hurts and the organization as a whole.

So, although Philadelphia lost the Super Bowl, they can at least feel confident in their future.

With that said, look for the Eagles to potentially make some noise this offseason again. Jalen Hurts could have an even bigger year next season.