Jalen Rose Is Getting Absolutely Fried After Saying That Men Should Spend A Preposterous Amount Of Money On Haircuts

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Former NBA star turned ESPN star Jalen Rose is no stranger to headlines.

Sometimes, it’s for the wrong reasons: like getting 81 points dropped on his head against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In fact, it’s often for the wrong reasons: such as his ridiculous comments on the Boston Celtics and their handling of former head coach Ime Udoka.

Rose was in the news yet again this week. But this time, it wasn’t so much the wrong reasons as it was an absolutely bizarre reason.

Jalen Rose Wants You To Spend $100 On Your Regular Haircuts

While attending a red carpet event, Rose was asked about his hair cut. He was also asked about his barber, and his response to the question had fans on Twitter losing their minds.

“So first off, the minimum you’re supposed to spending for a quality barber is $100,” Rose said. “I’m hear to defend the sanctuary that is called barbers and beauticians. So many guys and people out there y’all gonna show up and get a fly haircut and y’all gonna spend $35. Y’all gonna go to the end of the line. Y’all gonna hit up your barber. They gon’ send you to the voicemail. You gonna have a 1 o’clock appointment. You gonna get there at 1 o’clock and somebody gonna be sitting in the chair.”

Now, I’m not expert. As a 30-year-old with a hairline that will likely be gone by 50, I’ve got a nice pair of electric clippers and we go with the No. 2 setting.

But $100?! In this economy?!

The people will not stand for this.




Surprisingly, Rose is not alone in his obscene hair care spending. Take, for instance, former Manchester City defender Micah Richards.

Richards recently said he’ll spent £200 on a trim up to three times a week!

Inflation has officially gotten out of control.


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