Public Enemy #1 Jameis Winston Looks Like A Stoned Mr. Magoo Standing Next To FSU’s Newest Bball Recruit

ESPN has made it their top priority to villainize reigning Heisman winner and national champion Jameis Winston. Here he is with FSU commit Christ Koumajde, do your worst ESPN.

Unfortunately for them this photo just came of our Jameis standing next to FSU’s newest basketball recruit, and in it he looks like a little child incapable of doing anything in life worthy of note. He looks equal parts Mister Magoo (apparently he hasn’t had his eyes fixed yet), and equal parts lil brother.

Coming in at 6-foot-4 Jameis is certainly not a small man by any conceivable measure, yet standing next to 7’4″ FSU basketball commit Christ Koumajde he looks like a lil bebe. So, what ways will ESPN find to villainize this photo? Perhaps they float a story about how Jameis is off the steroids (he was never on them), or how Jameis’ posture has taken a hit from allegedly too many bong hits (this story isn’t real, stop fucking with my quarterback you mainstream media pricks, our team is already bad enough compared to last year, we don’t need every football fan in ‘Murica hating us too).

h/t @pkdub

I’m sure they’ll find a way to make him out to be the villain, it’s THEIR #1 PRIORITY, it’s only Wednesday after all…

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