Jameis Winston Teams Up With Surgeon To Help Launch Coronavirus Hotline

jameis winston coronavirus hotline

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Jameis Winston doesn’t seem to be too worried about the fact that he’s an NFL free-agent at the moment, there are bigger concerns going on in the world. While Winston’s future in football is currently an unknown, he’s decided to team up with a surgeon to create a toll-free coronavirus hotline to do his part in fighting the virus.

Dr. Scott Kelley out of Lakeland, FL explains that the hotline will triage callers over the phone and offer guidance based on the information they provide as to whether they may need further medical treatment and/or a test.

“As citizens of this great country, I believe it’s important to come together to support one another in times of need, and with the lack of resources and misinformation out there, Dr. Kelley and I have to create a toll-free national hotline.” Winston explained in a video he posted on Twitter.

“We want to give every family rapid responses to give them peace of mind from the safety of their own home,” Dr. Kelley said.

Huge props to Winston for using his social influence and resources to team up with Dr. Kelley to help provide guidance to folks not only in his community but around the entire country.

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