James Harden Would CONSIDER Shaving His Beard for $10 Million


Houston Rockets star James Harden is one of the NBA’s top players. His formidable beard is his identifying trait, an integral part of his personal brand. So it stands to reason he’d be as attached to it as it it to him.

But this just seems ridiculous.

He hasn’t had a clean-shaven face since in college days at Arizona State. Since 2009, Harden’s beard as continued to grow as big as his career in the NBA.

But what would it take for him to cut it off? A million dollars? Five million?

“No,” Harden¬†told ESPN’s Hannah Storm.

What about $10 million?

“Then we can talk,” he said.

To put that type of commitment to facial hair into proper context, here is a full list of things I would consider doing for $10 million:

* Everything

That’s it. I would likely do anything for $10 million — especially shave any part of my body because I’m armed with the knowledge that human hair tends to grow back. Then again, I’ve never even seen $10 million and Harden has probably paid that much in taxes since his playing career began.

[H/T: Fox Sports]