Whitewater Rafting In Japan Looks Like 17th Century Extreme Sports On Acid And I Want To Try It Right Now

Whitewater rafting has been one of my favorite summertime activities for practically my entire life. Growing up my family and I would take trips up from Florida to North Carolina and Tennessee for rafting and kayaking trips. In college, I did a few overnight whitewater trips with my boys where we packed massive coolers of beer and got hammered while camping. I’ve even done a little rafting down in Costa Rica. It’s just a really fun activity that’s only moderately dangerous and still provides a great thrill, and that’s why I’m so utterly mindfucked by how awesome Japanese rafting looks.

This footage from Facebook looks like the result of traveling back in time to 17th century Japan and spiking everyone’s tea with LSD, it’s amazing:

Digging a little deeper into YouTube we see that this isn’t just a one-off clip and this type of rafting is legitimately something that goes down in Japan. Apparently, this is a type of rafting that was practiced by Japan’s loggers in the pre-industrial era

If by chance, you happen to live in Japan and are looking to book one of these rafting adventures for yourself then you can actually follow the links in that Facebook embed above and book yourself onto one of these trips. Compared to regular whitewater rafting though this looks exhausting as hell because you’re standing the entire time while paddling, so it’d be one hell of a workout.

(h/t TheInertia)

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