Jaromir Jagr Wants You To Know He’s Staying In Florida For More Than Just The Hockey…


Actual translation: “In Florida we love it. That’s why I’m glad I made a deal with the Panthers on the renewal of contracts for another year.”

More realistic translation: “Why the hell would I leave Florida if they want to pay me to play hockey for another year at 45, catch rays in the 72-degree sunshine every day, and oh yeah, look how hot this Floridian tail is! Every girl here looks like this!”


The soon-to-be 45-year-old inked a new deal to remain a Florida Panther for next season, and clearly, it’s more than hockey that’s keeping him in the Florida sun. Could you blame the dude? Because I sure can’t.

Never change, Jags.

[H/T @BarstoolJordie]