Jason Kelce’s Championship Speech Being An Underdog Will Give You Chills

UNDERDOGS: They don’t just exist in sports. They’re everywhere – In politics, entertainment, business, careers, etc. Jason Kelce’s incredible speech today was about so much more than winning in sports. It’s fire for the flames of the downtrodden. The counted-out. The ignored. The beaten-down. The people told they’re not good enough or smart enough or tough enough because another shiny object is *better* in name-only, even if it’s just smoke and mirrors.

Underdog life. If you’ve been tied to that whipping post, you know. You know the struggle of being told another shiny object is better than you.

That’s underdog life.

Don’t count an underdog out. We’re scrappier than you. We grind harder than you. We make more noise than you. And if you don’t like us… fine! We don’t care. But don’t ever say that an underdog doesn’t have a fight in it.

Don’t ever say that an underdog isn’t fighting to win.

That’s the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles. Their win is a win for the Davids of the world everywhere facing a Goliath. A win for those who aren’t sure if they have any fight left in them, but need a rallying cry to keep their eye on the prize.

At the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade, Jason Kelce just summarized underdog life — be it in sports, business, career, cultural appreciation, etc — better than any eloquent hipster poet wordsmith with a blog ever could.

And the world is better for it.

Preach, Jason Kelce.

May it live in infamy.

Don’t count an underdog out.

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