Pics Of Jason Pierre-Paul’s Lost Finger Just Hit The Internet And He Doesn’t Need All Of Them To Sack Quarterbacks

It has been a strange offseason for New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, hasn’t it?

After receiving the Franchise Tag by the team because both sides couldn’t negotiate a long-term deal, JPP went out and blew off his fucking finger during a freak fireworks accident over the 4th of July weekend, causing him to be the most talked about story over the past few months besides some small thing called Deflategate. the G-Men have been pretty silent on Pierre-Paul’s situation, the two-time Pro Bowler has done his part informing fans of what’s up, posting videos of him working out on Instagram and tweeting out updates.

Well, the defender was at it again early this morning, tweeting the above message to remind everyone that it’s his freakish athletic ability and strength that brings down quarterbacks, not a fucking index finger.

As an UPDATE, Pierre-Paul was seen walking out of the Giants practice facility WITHOUT the bulky bandage that he’s been wearing since the accident and, yep, there’s that index missing on his right hand.

Hey haters, keep on doubting Jason Pierre-Paul, because you’re only making life more difficult for every signal-caller he’s about to demolish once he gets back onto the field to prove you wrong.


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