Jason Whitlock Compares Pat McAfee Making $10M+/Yr At ESPN To ‘General William Hull Surrendering Fort Detroit In 1812’

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Earlier this week, star sports media personality Pat McAfee announced that he would be taking his show to the ESPN airwaves thanks to a deal that will reportedly earn him at least $10 million per year.

According to cubic sportswriter Jason Whitlock, however, McAfee’s decision to get paid eight figures per year is akin to General William Hull’s decision to surrender Fort Detroit in the year 1812. Yes, that is a direct quote from his think piece about a tank top-wearing dude with a silly football show signing a massive contract.

“McAfee’s cowardice rivals General William Hull’s 1812 decision to surrender Fort Detroit to a small band of British soldiers and Indians. Hull’s white flag cost us all of Canada and nearly cost Hull his life. President James Madison pardoned Hull of treason and a death sentence,” Whitlock writes in his unintentionally hilarious thinkpiece.

“Why am I so hard on McAfee? Because he has enormous financial security and a bevy of suitors, and he’s only 36 years old. He’s supposed to be as fearless as Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, and Elon Musk.”

Whitlock’s meltdown didn’t stop there, though, as he chastised McAfee for wanting to “secure the bag” (which is apparently a result of men acting like women, according to JW) and not being a “real man who prioritizes freedom over worldwide approval and money.”

While I don’t know much about General William Hull, I’d imagine if a time traveler showed up in his tent and offered him $10 million to leave the frontlines and join humanity in the future, he’d jump at that opportunity regardless of what Whitlock might think of him.

When announcing his decision, McAfee said that he and his team fielded offers from four different networks but ultimately felt that ESPN was the best place for them.

“We are extremely honored that ESPN is blessing us with this opportunity to be a part of the next chapter of the ESPN family,” McAfee said in an official “We do not take that lightly and are going to work hard to make sure this is a success. All parties involved agree the time has come for a bunch of sports stooges in a Thunderdome in Indiana to sprinkle in some fun and celebration of sport as well.”

A former Pro Bowl punter for the Indianapolis Colts, McAfee retired following the 2016 season and has been pursuing a career in content creation ever since, which stops at Barstool Sports and FanDuel along the way.

The current iteration of McAfee’s show, which also features former NFL linebacker A.J. Hawk and featuring Boston Connor Campbell, Ty Schmit, Tone Digs, and others, was launched back in 2019.

Best of luck in your new ventures, Pat! And try not to let other people chasing their dreams get you so triggered, Whitlock.

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