Jeff Bezos Might Be Interested In Buying An NFL Team Other Than The Commanders

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Following word that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos won’t be submitting a bid to buy the Washington Commanders, reports now indicate that Bezos could turn his attention to a different NFL franchise: the Seattle Seahawks.

In an article from The Washington Post, the newspaper that Bezos owns, the 59-year-old multi-billionaire could potentially turn his attention to the Seahawks as he “knows Seattle is sitting there.”

Amazon carries the NFL’s package of Thursday night games. Other owners have expressed a desire for Bezos to buy a team. Even if he stays out of the bidding on the Commanders, Bezos could get that opportunity if he pursues the Seattle Seahawks. That team is expected to be sold in the coming years.

“Bezos knows that Seattle is sitting there,” the person with knowledge of the NFL’s inner workings said Wednesday.

Back in 2022, the Seattle Seahawks were valued at around $4.5 billion, which is virtually pocket change for Bezos, who has a reported net worth of over $123 billion. Comparatively, the Washington Commanders were valued at around $5.6 billon last year.

Bezos owning an NFL team certainly feels like a matter of when and not if, as the Amazon CEO has been circling potential ownership for years now. Currently, the Seattle Seahawks are owned by the Paul Allen Trust, as the Microsoft co-founder that owned the team since 1997 passed away back in 2018.

The Seahawks are also one of the best-run franchises in the National Football League these days, as head coach Pete Carroll is one of the longest-tenured in the league, having been with the team since 2010. In his 13 seasons as Seahawks head coach, Carroll has led them to the playoffs ten times and the Super Bowl twice, winning it once in 2014.

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