Jeffery Simmons Tried To Give Tennessee Titans Fans A Collective Heart Attack Before Revealing He Signed A Contract Extension

Tennessee Titans linebacker Jeffery Simmons

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

Tennessee Titans fans got some great news today.

The team agreed to a contract extension with Jeffery Simmons worth $94 million over 4 years.

The move should mean that fans likely won’t need to worry about the team losing another of its stars in the near future after they had to suffer through seeing AJ Brown traded last year and then watch him post almost 1500 yards for the Eagles and get to play in a Super Bowl.

Before they got to feel that relief, Jeffery Simmons decided he should try and give those fans a collective heart attack.

Simmons posted a cryptic tweet that sounded a lot like a player that was getting ready to leave his current team.

A few minutes later he posted another tweet revealing that he’d be staying with the Titans.

With the way the Titans handled the AJ Brown extension talks last season, I don’t know if their fans would have been able to deal with finding out that the team had also failed to agree on an extension with Simmons.

Over the last 4 years, Simmons has become a key piece of the Titans defense.

Back in 2019, the Titans made Simmons the 19th pick in the draft and he has made 189 tackles and 21 sacks since. He has been named to the Pro Bowl each of the last 2 years and he has also earned a spot on the All-Pro 2nd team in both of those seasons.

Now that the Tennessee Titans know that Simmons will be a part of their defense for yers to come, they can turn their focus to figuring out what they need to do in the draft to try and get back to the AFC South.