Jerry Jones Gets Heated And Curses During Radio Interview When Asked If He Was Embarrassed By The Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys are in a rut and Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to be handling things well at the moment.

Jones made his local radio appearance on WFAN on Friday morning after the Cowboys got crushed on ‘Thursday Night Football’ by the Bears and things got heated pretty quickly when he was immediately asked about the team’s poor play and Jason Garrett’s job security.

Here’s the audio clip and you can hear the anger in Jones’ voice when he was asked if the Cowboys were embarrassing him by their performance on the field.

The radio show had to cut Jerry off for saying “do you understand bullshit” several times when he was asked about Garrett’s job status. He would later have to call back in and went on to take responsibility for Cowboys’ struggles.

As of now it doesn’t seem like Jerry is going to fire Garrett during the season but it appears that the Cowboys are looking at potential replacements.

The Cowboys are the best reality show on television right now.