Watch Jerry Rice React Like All Of Us Would To This Scintillating One-Handed Grab By Odell Beckham Jr.

Jerry Rice, arguably the greatest wide receiver of all time, has pretty much seen it all on the football field and even he — the GREAT No. 80 — can’t believe Odell Beckham Jr.’s innate ability to snare a football out of the air with one hand like the pigskin somehow did him wrong in a previous life.

This is completely ridiculous and really shouldn’t look so damn effortless.

Yup. We’re pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down, Jerry.

The dude makes catches that should require new words to be created. Because “freak” just doesn’t offer this circus act the justice it deserves.

I’ll leave it to Marlo to describe this particular grab, because it’s exceedingly accurate:

[H/T @drew]