Jets Coach Carted Off Field During Team Scuffle With Buccaneers

Jets helmet

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Things got a little out of hand at the joint practice between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Jets assistant coach Tony Oden was carted off.

Fights tend to break out this time of year as it’s common for teams to be at each other’s throats during joint practices.

However, knowing a coach had to be carted off isn’t something anybody wants to see.

According to Zack Rosenblatt, Oden was knocked down, got back to his feet, then fell back to the ground. Eventually he was able to make his way to the cart before being taken off of the field.

With that said, it’s currently unknown what injury the Jets assistant coach may have suffered. The fact he was able to walk himself to the cart though is some what good news.

Ton Oden is entering his third season with the Jets. He serves as the teams defensive assistant and defensive backs coach. He’s been working with head coach Robert Saleh for several years, as the two worked together with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hopefully, this incident at least forces both teams to cool down throughout the remainder of the week. The Jets are set to play the Buccaneers in a preseason matchup on Saturday, August 19.

Considering how chippy these teams have been, we could be in store for an entertaining preseason matchup.

With that said, more updates should soon be released regarding the Jets defensive backs coach being carted off of the field. Until then, we can only hope for the best.